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The Corbyn welcomes International Visitors

The Corbyn provides a high level of service to all guests ensuring your stay is care free and enjoyable. Our aim is to provide you with a haven to come back to from the stresses of work or sightseeing, where you can relax and do as you please, with everything you need at your fingertips. Our serviced apartments present purpose-built accommodation for the business or leisure traveller. 

The Corbyn delivers so much more than a hotel - space to relax, space to work, space to sleep - however you use it, it's your space.  You can live to your own timetable, doing what you want, when you want

Location, location, location. Here at The Corbyn we know that location is important for your serviced accommodation in Torquay, it is essential that you are close to amenities and well connected by excellent travel links.


To enter the UK you will need to show a valid passport, or national identity card if you are an EEA citizen. If you are not an EU national, you will need to show further documentation, including a landing card, and you may need a visa. For detailed information please refer to 


You may need to acquire a visa before you travel to Britain, if you are not a British citizen or a citizen of one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Nationals from some countries will need a visa whatever the reason they are travelling to the UK, while nationals from other countries may only need a visa for a particular reason; for example, to marry and live with a British citizen.

If you have a valid passport and UK visa, you will normally be granted entry to the UK. When you arrive in Britain your visa tells UK immigration:

  • The reason you are travelling to Britain
  • How long you are allowed to stay
  • The last day you are allowed entry
  • Entry clearance follows strict rules and procedures.

For full details about visa requirements and application procedures, visit UK Visas.

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Airport Information

London's main airports for international flights are Heathrow and Gatwick. Luton and Stansted deal largely with charter and budget European flights, and London City Airport specialises in business flights. 


Some 15 miles west of central London, Heathrow (LHR; 0870 000 0123;) is the world's busiest airport, often chaotic and crowded, with five terminals. Check which terminal your flight arrives at.

Distance to The Corbyn: 180 miles (3 hours by car) (4 hours by train)


LGW; 0870 000 2468. 30 miles south of central London.

Distance to The Corbyn: 200 miles (3 1/2 hours by car) (4 1/2 hours by train)


BRS; 0871 334 4444. 8 miles southwest of central Bristol.‎

Distance to The Corbyn: 90 miles (1 1/2 hours by car) (2 1/2 hours by train including bus leg)


EXT; 0871 282 0990. 7 miles east of central Exeter.‎

Distance to The Corbyn: 26 miles (1/2 hour by car)

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage is a travellers nightmare. If this happens to you here is advice on what you should do.

Go to the relevant airline luggage handling counter at the airport and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Before leaving the terminal, get a copy of this and take the handling agent's contact details. The agent will be able to track your luggage via its barcode and should tell you what has happened (the relevant barcode for your luggage will have been attached to your passport or the part of your boarding pass that you keep). The agent will also ask for details of your future whereabouts so that they can return the bag to you if it does turn up. 

The airline does not have any liability for loss of unchecked baggage however (except under certain very narrow circumstances). 

Remember that genuinely 'lost' luggage is a bag with no ID, so make sure that your details are attached outside and inside. If you are concerned about security, and don't want to include your name and address on the bag, then simply put on your mobile number or email address so you can be contacted. 

In the meantime you will probably need to spend money on essentials. Buy only what you need and keep receipts. In most cases, the airline will quickly trace your bag and will have it delivered to you, free of charge, in the next day or two. 

If your luggage have been damaged or lost, you can claim compensation from either the airline or your travel insurance provider.

Travel Money and currency

Latest exchange rates 

The currency in Britain is the pound sterling. Paper money comes in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. Other currencies are very rarely accepted if you're buying goods and services, except for some places in the ferry ports of southern England, which take Euros, and the smarter souvenir and gift shops in London, which may take euros, US dollars, yen and other major currencies. 

Debit or credit cards are accepted in most shops, and you can withdraw cash from ATMs (often called cash machines) which are easy to find in cities and even small towns. 

Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are the most widely accepted in England, and are good for larger hotels, restaurants, shopping, flights, long-distance travel, car hire etc. Smaller businesses, such as pubs prefer debit cards (or charge a fee for credit cards), and some take cash only. American Express is not widely accepted. 

Since early 2006, nearly all credit and debit cards use the Chip and PIN system; instead of signing, you enter a PIN (personal identification number). If you're from overseas, and your card isn't Chip and PIN enabled, you should be able to sign in the usual way, but some places will not accept your card. 

Finding a place to change your money (cash or travellers cheques) into pounds is never a problem in cities, where banks and bureaus compete for business. Be careful using bureaus, however; some offer poor rates or charge outrageous commissions. You can also change money at some post offices - very handy in country areas, and exchange rates are fair (and usually commission free). 

Entering the Uk with significant cash may need to be declared on arrival.

Travel Health / Healthcare in the UK and Travel/health Insurance

Regardless of nationality, everyone receives free emergency treatment at accident and emergency (A&E) departments of state-run NHS hospitals to the point of stabilising. No one will check you have health insurance when you arrive at the airport but apart from treatment given in an accident and emergency unit, you will be charged for any other treatment you receive. You must have a comprehensive medical insurance to cover your stay or you could be charged. There are of course other benefits to travel insurance (lost baggage, theft protection, etc) 

For non-emergency treatment and more details about health cover in the UK please visit the Department of Health ( website and the overseas visitors section.

Chemists (pharmacies) can advise on minor ailments such as sore throats and earaches. In large towns there is always at least one 24/7 chemist.

Getting About

Public Transport

Bus and train services

For getting around England your first main choice is likely to be public transport. While having your own car helps you make the best use of your time to reach remote places, rental and fuel costs can be expensive so public transport is often the better way to go. 

Your main public transport options are train and bus. Services between major towns and cities are generally good, although at peak (busy) times you must book in advance to be sure of getting a ticket. Conversely, if you book ahead early and/or travel at off-peak periods, tickets can be very cheap. 

Traveline ( is a very useful information service covering bus, coach, taxi and train services nationwide, with numerous links to help plan your journey. By phone, you get transferred automatically to an advisor in the region you're phoning from. 

Train Stations

Nearest Mainline station: NEWTON ABBOT  (6.5 miles from The Corbyn)

Nearest local station: TORQUAY  (0.5 mile from The Corbyn)

Car Hire

Compared to many countries, hire rates are expensive in England; you should expect to pay around £250 per week for a small car (unlimited mileage) but rates rise at busy times and drop at quiet times. Some main suppliers: 

Avis 0844 581 0147;

Budget 0844 581 9998;

Europcar 0870 607 5000;

Sixt 08701 567567;

Thrifty 01494-751540;

All car hire companies require that you have had a full driving licence for at least one year. Some may ask for two years, especially for younger drivers. If travelling from outside of Europe we recommend that you bring an International Driving Licence.

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